Peninsula Homecare Cooperative - We are a group of experienced and dedicated caregivers who have pooled our resources and experience into the first state-licensed and caregiver-owned home care agency on the Olympic Peninsula.  We specialize in senior and end-of-life care.

Why a caregiver-owned home care agency? A worker-owned cooperative is owned and democratically controlled by its employees.  We collectively decide on policy that ensures the highest quality care for our clients as well as fair and sustainable employment practices for our caregivers. A cooperative operates for the benefit of its members and clients rather than for the profits of external investors.  We believe the worker-owned model is the best solution for fusing exceptional care with dignified and sustainable careers.

Our members are all fully licensed, insured and bonded.  Families seeking care can take comfort that Peninsula Homecare Cooperative is local, trusted, and wholly invested in the best care of our clients.

Read about the caregiver shortage crises in our region.

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Capital Impact Partners, in conjunction with the AARP Foundation, created this short video on Peninsula Homecare Cooperative - showcasing the advantages of the caregiver-owned model in the home care industry.