Peninsula Homecare Members


Linny Badgett

Linny is a compassionate and proud member-owner of PHC.  Caregiving is her highest calling.  Her life’s travels have always brought her home to the Pacific Northwest.  Her love for the beach is evidenced in the sea-treasure shrines decorating her indoor-sandcastle home. Between the rewarding career of caregiving and life in the magical town of Port Townsend, Linny’s life feels complete!


Soleil Hiob

Soleil (French for Sun), has over 20-years experience as a devoted caregiver which shines through in her uplifting and nurturing nature.  Soleil does not believe in passing the time by burying her nose into the phone! She is more than willing to roll up her sleeves and be interactive.  She’s passionate about ensuring your loved one lives their most dignified and enriched life in the comfort of their own home.

Most days you will find Soleil making time to joyfully concoct big pots of nutritious soup for herself, family, and friends; jiggling gemstones and beads around to create colorful, handmade jewelry; or she will be out exploring the Pacific Northwest.  She’s not lost – she’s just exploring!

Let Soleil’s infectious smile be a bright spot in your loved ones life!


Laura Pollina

    Laura is a certified home care aide who enjoys helping people. She has chosen to be a caregiver because it gives her an opportunity to make a positive impact on people’s lives. With a background in socio-legal studies from the University of Washington, she stumbled upon caregiving and finds it to be a tangible way to have a social impact. She finds pleasure in simple things, like being outside hiking or climbing, reading, practicing Iyengar yoga and spending time with her dog, Tikka.


Lindsay Simons

Lindsay is a Certified Nursing Assistant and the Caregiver Coordinator for PHC.  She hearts elders but more so thrives within the systems and refinements of the day to day operations.  Referred to as “Yoda” by her peers, she can usually be found dancing behind her desk while master minding the schedule.  Her angle? Open book management, democracy in the workplace and member engagement with a whole lot of humor and hugs. Other devotions: cycling, natural perfumery, penpalism, houseplants, intentional food, photography, bird watching, hiking and west coast jazz. Best achievements to date: bobolsaberitmogwai


Kippi Waters

Kippi has been involved in senior care for 20 years and is the founding director of Peninsula Homecare.  She is an enthusiastic proponent of worker-ownership and believes the cooperative model is the only just and sustainable way to manage senior care. 

In the summer of 2008, Kippi sold most of her possessions and left her home in Ashland, Oregon. She camped along the Oregon and Washington coast searching for a new home on the sea.  Criteria were local, organic farms; a lively music scene; an awesome food co-op; and excellent outdoor adventuring.  After 7 weeks on the road, she pulled into Port Townsend and it was love at first sight! 

Favorite Word: ‘Totality’.  Favorite Season: Summer.  Favorite Element: Water.  Favorite Fun: Growing Food, Kayaking, and Bicycling.    



Charles Cheseldon

Born and raised on the Hood Canal, Charles is very pleased to be helping the members of the community he loves. Having worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant for a couple years, Charles decided he wanted to provide more one-on-one care. With a vison of what excellent senior care should look like, Charles was happy to find PHC. He is well suited to remaining vigilant all night, and enjoys getting to aid those on hospice. Many passions fill this renaissance aides free time - which he will gladly discuss at length (a good fit for the hearing impaired) – but these days he is focused on permaculture and art.


Linda Gates

LLinda was born in Jakarta, Indonesia and moved to Seattle, WA in 2012.  She found caregiving to be her natural calling after caring for her father at the end of his life. Her career began when she joined KWA (Korean Women’s Association) in Port Townsend. Caregiving has taught her how to serve the elderly with compassion, hope, trust and an ever-open heart.  Caregiving is a job that she is proud of!

Linda loves travel, cooking, studying, dancing, and playing with her dog Dakota. She recently received her master’s degree in healthcare management and is thrilled to be giving back to the community by caring for her clients at PHC.


Luke Jones

Luke is a Certified Home Care Aide. He has been a caregiver with the cooperative since January of this year. He spends much of his time caregiving for multiple clients with two agencies and spends his free time also caring for his girlfriend and helping her to various appointments. Luke has a very down to earth side and enjoys the warm weather and having any opportunity to go out kayaking or rowing and will go out of his way to find ways to go camping. Other fun activities he enjoys are meditation, running, and eating pizza!


Grace Bocock Rosen

Grace began caregiving 2 ½ years ago with PHC and served a term on the board of directors. She supports her fellow members by offering compassionate communication practice & loves mentoring new caregivers. Grace currently serves as co-chair of our conflict resolution committee with Tyler Thomas.

Before choosing caregiving, she enjoyed careers in teaching, counseling and mentorship from Arizona, California and Maine before settling here in Port Townsend.

She loves writing poetry, reading, swimming, nature and soaking on the sound! Grace helps elders enjoy creative beats with her Rhythmic Sound Circle that she hosts at Avamere. She is a natural born caregiver and her cat Leo will attest to that!